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Our Team

We are a team of industry veterans, sports card businessmen and content creators.  We got together to create a different type of show more in line with how today’s world uses media and trade shows.

Sean Ceruti

Sean is a businessman with a passion for collecting.  Sean collected Pokémon cards in his early childhood, and more recently, discovered the value and pleasure of collecting sports cards.  Sean’s extensive background in business and networking combined with his enjoyment of card collecting brings the fun with the focus as a host of Collectors Con.

Jameel Mohammed


Jameel is the owner of The Meelypops Shop in Gainesville, FL. One of the nation’s leading card shops in terms of selection & innovation. He also produces The Card Shop Show found on YouTube! Jameel brings over 20 years of experience in the sports card & gaming cards, as well as an extensive hobby network to our team!

Jacob Gabay


Jacob is a leading marketing executive and a  lifelong collector of high end Pokémon TCG & Comic Books.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and networking to the team in addition to his new found love for sports cards.